109 Troops Diagnosed with Mild TBI after Iran Missile Strike

A couple of guys getting headaches is no big deal.  It happens all the time. No big deal. As for US soldiers suffering traumatic brain injury (TBI) as the result of an Iranian missile strike, that's a bit of a different story and comes as a surprise as President Trump had claimed 'All is well' on January 8th, hours after the attack.

Well, maybe the official number of wounded US soldiers was still working it's way to Washington. Surly by morning the totals would be in and Trump would let us all know in his statement. Right?

Oh alright cool!  No Americans had been harmed and our bases sustained minimal damage!!

So that's that then, huh? Great!

Well not really.

On January 17th some news had come out that 11 US soldiers had been treated for TBI. Well that can't be right, Trump said there had been zero casualties?  

You got stuff going on Mr.Trump. We can understand you maybe not being on top of this.  That's why you have the Secretary of Defense Mark Esper to keep track of it all.  

"This is mostly outpatient stuff. So we can track that if — if you're really interested in it."

You'd think there would be some interests, after you know, an unprecedented Iranian missile strike on US forces. You really had no idea?

"I'm not a doctor and I'm not the ones evaluating them,"

Oh wow, snippy.

Well 11 is not so bad, paper work gets lost. We understand.  It's just wounded US troops.  At least in the end you were honest with us.

Not so fast.  On January 24th the number grew to 34.  Not only this but half of them had to seek treatment outside of Iraq, with some being sent to Germany for observation and others returning to the US.  That's quit the headache Mr. President.

Believe it or not, it only gets worse from here.

On the 31st of January the number had nearly doubled to 64 US Troops.  39 of these had treated and returned to duty. What is going on here? Is the White House trying to hide something?

"This idea that there was an effort to de-emphasize injuries for some sort of amorphous political agenda doesn't hold water,"

Surly this bad joke can't continue on like this.  Surely to go from 0 to 64 is enough.  It's understandable that the US did not aim to escalate and that is why the numbers of wounded had been hidden.  Not the best means to the end but at the very least, we can see what you did there.  

Definitely gross and disrespectful to those service members. To have them injured in a country the the US population as a whole seems to have forgot the US is militarily involved in, for whatever made up reason at the moment it might be. And then going and hiding the reports of their injuries so to not appear weak in the face of an enemy of Washington's choosing, one that wants nothing to do with a war with the US.  Yeah that's gross.

But at least it's over right?


Today it is out that, according to Reuters

The Pentagon, in a statement, confirmed that so far 109 U.S. service members had been diagnosed with mild traumatic brain injury. It added that 76 of them had returned to duty.

You can't make this stuff up.  Any word at all about the 33 who have not returned to duty?


But at least they would never do something like this with US soldiers being killed, though... right?  Like the reports coming from Iran about the 80 killed is just propaganda.


I sure hope so.  109 troops treated of TBI being hidden of optics is already pretty damn low.  

Take care.

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