Does ending the endless wars count if you start a new one?

It might.  Or at least it appears that Trump thinks so.  The most popular part of his platform as candidate in 2016, besides maybe 'Lock Her Up', was putting a stop to the needless fighting in the middle east.  So, where to begin?  He has plenty to choose from.  What endless war will he try to end first?

Syria!  He was withdrawn troops from Syria putting an end to the fighting.  Now first, we must admit that Syria is not necessarily what many people are referring to when talking about the endless wars but maybe he is working backwards.  Good strategy.  Clean up the newer messes and work your way back.  But second, did he really start to withdraw troops or did he just say that on twitter?  

With around 600 troops clearing Turkey's designated 'Safe Zone' at the north east boarder of Syria by moving over into Iraq for a spell, and 400 being sent to 'secure the oil',  many people felt hopeful for the first time in years. Was this crazy bastard doing it? Was he really pulling the troops out?  I was one of these people out the gate who believed that moves were actually being made.

Validating this was reactions from the war mongers in Washington and in the media who venomously criticized the decision.  Pulling out all the stops they started calling him reckless, accusing him of abandoning our Kurdish allies, and some going as far as saying he was enabling genocide by leaving the Kurds there to be slaughtered.

Well fortunately there was no 'genocide', at least for the Kurds in Syria.  The people of Yemen maybe, but shhh, no one is supposed to know that and besides, Trump wants to keep that Saudi weapons money flowing into the US because it's good for the economy.

But unfortunately more troops were simultaneously being deployed into Syria. There are videos that display this as on one side of a highway US troops are heading out and on the other side US troops are heading in.  So maybe when he said 'We are bring the troops home' he really meant 'We are bring those troops home, there. Yes, those ones. This group I'm point to.  You will be withdrawn.  Fresh replacements will be sent.'

Once all was said and done the number of troops in Syria reduced from 1,000 to about 900. This is a far shy from a withdraw.  Also with the new mission of plunder, or what did he call it?  Oh yeah, securing the oil.  With the new mission of securing the oil, 2 new military bases are being built in Syria to protect the oil production facility from, well, from Syria.

So did the warmongering media call off the smears and applaud this unexpected turn of events?  He is after all keeping troops in Syria.  He is building more bases.  He is securing oil.  For all intents and purposes he is expanding US presence in Syria under this new objective. Securing oil is a much longer term goal than defeating ISIS, also more concrete.  All the things the military industrial complex mouth pieces love. So they of course had  to change their tune into supporting him, right?


Oh, well then they must have criticized him for flip flopping and misleading the public with his tweets of troop withdraws and ending endless wars then because clearly that was no longer the case?


So then they surly had to yammer on about the illegality of securing oil and declare to their attentive viewers that the oil belongs to Syria and the US has no rightful claim to its extraction?

Are you kidding? No!

They just continued to criticize him for withdrawing the troops from the northern boarder as before but now adding that there isn't even much oil in Syria. It's a laughable profit to turn for oil.  What a joke!  You call that an oil field?  Trump's so stupid.

To the msm, those were the only two things that happened over there.  Yep, these are the most recent development and dammit, Trump was wrong! And an idiot. And that's all.

It's kinda scary.

And now all jokes aside, plunder is a war crime.  You can't just occupy a country to take it's resources.  So what is his plan?  How is he gonna finagle this out legally?

Oh, he's simply going to give the oil fields to the Kurds... hmmm.  Maybe because the Kurds being in Syria is like a nice loop hole.  He's not plundering because he's helping the people of Syria, or at least people in Syria, produce oil.  If you squint and stare hard enough you might be able to see it, maybe.  

But also in any event Bashar al-Assad, the president of Syria, is not the leader of Syria, remember?

I think this is what stumped the media.  Otherwise, I bet they would have jumped all over him for this oil mission being illegal. Maybe not, though.  But in any event, the reason they couldn't was because they don't want to be seen as an 'Assad Apologist' , a handy term the they themselves coined, likely with the help of an intelligence agency or two. That's a big no, no in the msm social circles.  You don't want to be seen as an 'Assad Apologist'.  That's up there with not supporting healthcare for all.  

Cause remember, Assad is a ruthless dictator who gases his own people and is allies with Iran. The US doesn't recognize tyrants like that, outside of Saudi Arabia. They don't also recognize the recent Wiki Leaks documents that provide evidence to the fact that Assad did NOT use chemical weapons on his own people.  Gotta love the Wiki Leaks!  Or is that #fakenews?  I can't keep it all straight.  But one thing that remains clear is that Syria doesn't have a claim to this oil in Syria.

So as a quick recap, Trump ended the endless 4 year war in Syria by building 2 new military bases around it's oil fields and reducing the troop presence by 100 to guard the oil from ISIS, Assad, (maybe Turkey too?, Sure, why not?) so they can give it to the SDF.

Meanwhile the mainstream media warmongers are bashing Trump for ending this endless war because the Kurds are going to be slaughtered by Turkey or worse, have to speak with Assad, again the President of Syria, though not really kinda-sorta-definitely not( but he is though) and also the oil in Syria isn't that much, Trump is so dumb.  Alright, got it.  

So if you remember the first question asked in this post about if endless wars can be ended if you start a new one. The answer according to the president and the msm of course is yes. Believe it or not, this is one thing they all agree on!

So now, we went over the ended war, what's the new one? Syria!

It's like the war in Iraq.  It started in 2014 with Obama, remember?  ISIS was everywhere and we had to enter Iraq to take them out.  It wasn't a war with Iraq, just a war in Iraq.

Oh wait, you may have been thinking about the War with Iraq from 2003.  The WMD thing, yeah.  Well that was a quick 2 year war, no problem remember?  It was over by 2005. Saddam Hussein toppled,  Bush declared victory, a nice quick, clean, regime change.

So yeah, the war in Syria just started.  Trump went in to help out the US SDF allies get the oil fields secured.  The whole ISIS thing Obama started was wrapped up last year in December, remember.  Yeah, on December 19th 2018.  Just another quick mission like Iraq.  Simple.

Take care.


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