Mark Milley and Mark Esper Are Two Very Dangerous Liars

Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley and Defense Secretary Mark Esper are liars.  It is displayed most clearly in their latest speaking arrangement where they firmly stated the Pentagon did not lie about the Afghanistan war and that a coordinated plan to deceive the public on it's progress was a 'mischaracterization'

Milley said, according to The Hill

'I know there’s an assertion out there of some sort of a coordinated lie over the course of, say, 18 years. I find that a bit of a stretch; more than a bit of a stretch, I find that a mischaracterization, from my own personal experience,
You’re looking at probably hundreds of general officers, State Department employees, CIA, the Department of Defense folks. I just don’t think that you can get that level of coordination to do that kind of deception,
I know that I and many, many others gave assessments at the time based on facts that we knew at the time, and those were honest assessments and they were never intended to deceive neither the Congress nor the American people'

Someone need to blow his mind by forwarding this to him.

But all jokes aside to call Washington Post's Afghanistan Papers a 'mischaracterization' is a bit of a 'mischaracterization' in itself of what has been revealed.  As far as I know no one quoted in those papers said that they had been told to lie.  They were asked their opinion on the progress.  How is the US doing in Afghanistan?  What are the goals?  Are they reaching those goals?  Things like that.

The answers to these questions is the key to all of this. When crossed referenced with what the Pentagon was telling the public  around the times of the interviews shows discrepancies.  Large discrepancies.  Like earth to moon discrepancies.  That is the problem.

So again the 'mischaracterization' of calling it a coordinated plot to mislead is a 'mischaracterization' of what was in reality a cover up by the Pentagon.  You do not need 100's of people in a a cover up, only the handful who  present status updates to the public.

They kept the numerous interviews that contradicted the Pentagon narrative out of the public for as long as they could.  They even fought for 3 years in an attempt to keep them in the dark against WaPo, a battle the lost and here we are.

So anyone calling this anything other than a cover up is a liar.  These liars are in government and that makes then dangerous liars.  They are also in the military making  them incredibly dangerous liars.

Like Esper when he says

“Some type of insinuation that there’s been this large-scale conspiracy, to me is just ridiculous.”
“This has been a very transparent — it’s not like this war was hiding somewhere and now all of a sudden that there’s been a revelation,” Esper said.

He is a liar. A dangerous liar who is intentionally 'mischaracterizing' the Afghanistan Papers.

Watch out for these two liars.  They are lying about Iran attacking Saudi Arabia.  They are lying about Douma chemical attack.  And they are lying about the Afghanistan Papers.

Take care.

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