Putin's Puppet Sure has an Aggressive Foreign Policy towards his Master

Why are so many happy to warmonger when it comes to Russia?  More importantly, why do they not see themselves as warmongers when it comes to Russia?

Baselessly declaring Russia is lurking behind every corner of US politics is warmongering.  There is no way around that.  And yes it is baseless.  See the Muller report for more information.  

But still despite the years of investigating, there is a large subsection who believe that Trump is an asset of Russia. This is a problem because it means these people are likely unaware that the Trump administration has taken to the most hostile foreign policy concerning Russia than any other administration since the Cold War.

Iran is a very good example of this.  The 'Maximum Pressure' campaign of sanctions launched against Iran has crippled their economy and has drastically reduced their oil exports.  This is all due to the Trump administrations decision to leave the JCPOA.  This is something that Russia has not been pleased with at all as they are a large importer of Iranian oil.  The sanctions are making it more and more difficult, and more expansive for Russia to continue their business with Iran. And the sanctions do not stop there.  

The Trump administration has levied more sanctions against Russia than any administration, again, since the Cold War. So much so that the Russian government is beginning to 'de-dollarize' their economy, meaning they will be no longer use the US dollar so to circumvent US sanctions by making them impossible to enforce.  

What about the Nord Steam 2 pipeline between Russia and Germany?   Germany even caught the sanction stare of the Trump administration over this. For a puppet of Putin, Trump really seems do be making it tough for him when it comes to energy.

How about Syria and the Trump tweet  'Oil is Secured'.  Another Russian ally and another oil producer.  Huh.

Or better yet what about US troops killing Russian troops in Syria for the first time since the Cold War.  You'd think think the MSM would be loosing their mind over this.  Why so quit?

We can top this too, with the low yield nukes.  Yep, nukes.  To 'deter Russia' the US has just sent out submarines armed with nuclear warheads. Putin must be soo pleased with his puppet.  

And it just doesn't stop, lets look at the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile tests. Why would the US be testing these right now?  Must be Russia, just not how Maddow might think.

And of course is because the Trump administration left the INF treaty.  Well, he blamed Russia for not complying with US demands they knew from the offset Russia would never comply with.  But either way, the Cold War era treaty is dead.  

These are set to be deployed to Asia in preparation of Esper's 'Asia Pivot.'  Clearly the US must militarily posture against China, Russia's main ally.

There is a lot more but I think I made my point.

So to wrap it all up nicely, when the president and the military are making all of these incredibly aggressive maneuvers against Russia, while a large part of the population is screaming about the evil Russians being root of all the socially problems in the US, there really could be some direr consequences coming down the line.  

Consequences of the likes I do not think the warmongering MSM viewers crying about Russian interference and collusion are ready for, because I do not think they are aware of them.  But they are still creating the Boogieman nevertheless.  So maybe if Trump launches one of the low yield nukes at his master Putin, it will make sense to the Maddow crowd as the Russian were targeting the US  powergrid, right?

Take care.

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