11 Questions to Ask the 55 Senators Who Voted in Favor of the Iran War Powers Resolution to See Where They Really Stand on Iran

The Senate has passed the Iran War Powers Resolution 55-45 with 8 republicans flipping and voting outside of their party lines.  

The threat of a Trump veto looms as the Democrats and the Media are just waiting to pounce and cry 'Abuse of Power'!, 'Warmonger'!, 'GAAA"!

But is this all a political game?  Do the 55 Senate representatives really care about preventing a war with Iran?  

To find out we can ask a series of simple questions.

  1. Do you think  Iran is seeking to build weapons of mass destruction?  If so, what evidence supports this?

2. Do you think Iran is the leader in sponsoring terrorism around the world? Can you point to any particular instances?

3. Do you agree with Trump's withdraw  from the JCPOA?  What are the problems, if any, you have with this deal?

4. Do you agree with Trump's 'Maximum Pressure' campaign of sanctions levied against Iran?  Do you have an opinion of it's successes/failures?

5. Do you believe  Iran's military, the IRGC, is a Terrorist Organisation?  How so? Are you aware this is the first time a countries entire military has been labeled as such?  Do you believe this unprecedented designation is warranted?

6. Did you agree with the Trump Admin's request for the UK to seize the two Iranian tankers in the Straight of Hormuz over the summer of 2019?  Why or why not?

7. Do you believe there is any evidence pointing to Iranian involvement in the Saudi Aramco attack in September 2019?  What is this evidence?

8. Do you believe 'Iranian Proxies' had stormed the US Embassy in Iraq in late December 2019?

9. Do believe the assassination of the Iranian IRGC Quds forces commander Qassem Soleimani in early January was justified?  Do you believe that the US is safer now or less safe as a result?

10. Do you believe the US barring the Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif from attending the UN Security Council meeting on January 9th was a good representation of diplomacy?

11. Are you aware just 1 day after this vote 2500 troops arrived in the Strait of Hormuz?  Do you believe this is stabilizing the area?

I doubt anyone will ever ask these questions to any of the 55 Senators who voted in favor of the Iran War Powers Resolution.  

But these are incredibly important questions that should be asked as they would help clarify just where these 'Anti War' Senators stand when it comes to Iran.  

It would let the public know just who is playing the political game, knowing this does not matter in the long term in preventing a war with Iran as they will gladly perpetuate the propaganda that has driven the US to the brink of war with the enemy of their choosing, and who is truly principled in nonaggression or is at least seeing threw all of the lies and is looking to avert what will be the most devastating conflict in the Global War on Terror yet.

Take care.

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