Sneak Attack!

Note the date of that tweet.  No, it is not a Q confirmation.  Yes, it is April Fools day, though that is besides the point.  It is 5 days after The New York Times published an article reveling Mike Pompeo's latest sell in his 'Let's go to War with Iran' campaign.  

The article reports that the Pentagon, the previous week, had ordered commanders in Iraq to prepare for a major escalation.  They were ordered to prepare a campaign to wipe out a large 'Iranian-backed' militia group (aka Popular Mobilization Forces, aka Iraqi security forces, aka any random Shia militia group in Iraq that the US can label an Iranian proxy).  

Why now?  The entire globe seems to be 'sheltering in place' as Covid19 wreaks havoc. The US would never stoop so low as to launch an attack while an enemies civilian population is in such dire straights, right? That's only something an enemy of the US would try and pull, right?


And don't take it from me.  Below is an excerpt of the Mark Mazzetti's and Eric Schmitt's article.  Again, The New York Times.

Some top officials, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Robert C. O’Brien, the national security adviser, have been pushing for aggressive new action against Iran and its proxy forces — and see an opportunity to try to destroy Iranian-backed militia groups in Iraq as leaders in Iran are distracted by the pandemic crisis in their country.


It's almost like Trump is getting in front of the story here with this 'sneak attack', because it is also important to note the US had been moving Patriot missile defense systems into Iraq.  The same defense systems that Iraqi government has been denied by the US, who also blocked Iraq from purchasing the Russian S400 (Coke/Pepsi).

All the while, the US consolidates troops by 'handing over' smaller bases to Iraqi military in the western part of Iraq (Iran is to the East).

With US forces shuffling to the east and establishing a more permanent presence with the introduction of the Patriot systems, it really seems like something much larger than a 'sneak attack' is on the horizon.

These quotes from the twice-resigned-since-November Prime Minister of Iraq, Adil Abdul-Mahdi from March 30th are very alarming and also predate Trump's April Fools tweet.

According to Rudaw

“We condemn all the acts of war some groups are conducting inside Iraq,” Abdul-Mahdi said.

“Any party or side conducting attacks or military action within Iraq, without the approval of the Iraqi government, will be held responsible,” he added.

Ever the politician is Mahdi, not naming any particular group, but surely he's not referring to the US.  He must be referring the those sneaky Iranians that Trump mentioned.


But predating both the April Fool's tweet and the Iraqi sit in PM's statement is this Iraqi complaint to the UN Security Council filed March 16th.  It was over an even earlier and fairly sneaky US airstrike on Iraq that killed 6 on March 13th and mentioned something about violating sovereignty or what ever.

Also on the 17th of March Iraqi envoy to the UN Mohammed Hussein Bahr al-Uloom in a draft letter said Iraq would be arresting US troops responsible for carrying out airstrikes not approved by the Iraqi military.

Referring to the US airstrike on March 13th according to al-Uloom in a draft letter to the UN

“Hostile action against Iraq, the state, its government, people, is a flagrant violation of the conditions for the presence of US forces in Iraq. It is a dangerous escalation intended to make Iraq a place for regional conflicts and agendas. The Government of Iraq expresses its condemnation, and in the strongest possible terms, of those barbaric American attacks that violate the sovereignty of Iraq,” the draft letter by al-Uloom read.

Who cares? The US has veto power in the UNSC anyways, and not only do they have information but, more importantly, they believe their is a treat of an imminent 'sneak attack' from Iran!!!

So just how sneaky can this attack be? Does the Pentagon really not see this coming?

To jog you're memory a bit all the way back to the year that was January 2020, the US carried out a 'sneak attack' on an Iraqi airport.  Both the Iranian general Qasem Soleimani and the Iraqi PMU Commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis were killed in this strike on January 3rd.  This resulted in the first UN complaint for 2020 filed by Iraq regarding the US on the 5th. (It also might be becoming clear why Iraq wanted their own missile defense systems and why the US is adamant about preventing them for getting any. You know, to secure their airspace.)

Also on the 5th was an Iraqi Parliament vote 170-0, all in favor of the US expulsion from the county. (Fun Fact: The US had been invited back into Iraq in June of 2014 to help them defeat ISIS. ISIS has long been defeated in Iraq, oddly by Soleimani and the IRGC, so this vote of expulsion is the formal revocation of that invitation, meaning the US has become an arguably hostile but without a doubt foreign occupying force inside of Iraq).

The following day, January 6th, in a kind of known but very misunderstood move, the Trump Administration threatened to sanction Iraq at the mention of US forces no longer being welcome. These threats went as far as extortion, as US would bar Iraq access to the $3 Billion they keep in the New York Fed, 90% of the Iraqi governments revenue.  This would cripple Iraq's economy and bankrupt their government.

More widely known, on the 8th of January Iran retaliated for their commander's assassination by carrying out a missile strike on US forces inside of Iraq where all was well and there were no casualties and minimal damage done to the bases.

(Except over 100 US soldiers suffered Traumatic Brain Injuries and the bases looked like this afterwards.)

Now getting to some more obscure facts, on the 13th of January the Iraqi militias held a meeting headed by cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, the leader of Iraq’s largest parliamentary bloc (the same parliament the US refused to take seriously when they exercised the democracy the US had fought so hard to provide for them) and Mohammed Mohie of the Kataib Hezbollah, the group that makes up a large portion of the Iraqi Security force PMF.

In this meeting they began to organize and plan to drive the US forces out of the country because the US refused to leave.  This is incredibly important to keep in mind.  Iraqi militia's organizing to confront the US for their refusal to leave their county hosted by the leader of the largest political bloc in Iraq's government.  

Duly note that because now as the 'League of Revolutionaries' takes the stage and claims responsibility for the the rocket attacks on Iraq’s Camp Taji that killed two US troops, it might make sense what is happening here.  

This new group's stated goal is the drive the US out of Iraq.

It also explains why analysts believes it is the really just Kataib Hezbollah because of similarities in the speech with recent speeches in video's from the Lebanese Hezbollah leaders.

If this 'League of Revolutionaries' is the banner that those united militias have decided to fall under then it very well might be Kataib Hezbollah making the video, just now working along side other groups and going by a new name.  Also 'League' sort of implies the coming together of independent groups.

All of that is entirely my speculation at this point as there really isn't enough information out yet about this new group, but is something I think should be considered as there is enough circumstantial evidence available that points in this direction.  But again it is only speculation.

Back to the facts.

On January 14th Moqtada al-Sadr called for mass peaceful demonstrations against the US continued occupation.

On January 15th, the at the time only once resigned Prime Minister Mahdi, buckled to US pressure and said the problem of removing the US from the country was one for the next government to solve.  He's not even supposed to be there that day.

Fast forward a bit to the 24th of January, Sadr's 'million man march' against the US occupation is a massive success.

Now it can not be stressed enough just how divide Iraq is right now. The county has been on the brink of civil war since October.  Between the existing political class in parliament, the militia's, and the protesters, the one thing they are all on the same page about is that the US is no longer welcome in Iraq.

This is what the Pentagon and the White House refuses to acknowledge.  This is what the US public does not understand and also the main reason why Washington can continuously get away with calling Iraqi groups Iranian and present problems between the US and Iraq as problems with the US and Iran.

If the US was more honest or the people more informed, maybe after every rocket attack on bases housing US forces in March people would say 'Oh maybe this was the Iraqi militia's that are angry over the 17 year occupation of their county, who also told us they would be attacking soon.'

Maybe people would start to ask 'Why is the US still inside of Iraq in 2020? What is the goal?  Will achieving the goal make the US safer as a result, or will it open up new larger dangers to the US in the future? '

If they did, people might notice that most of this has to do with Iraq and not Iran.

They would realize that by provoking Iraqi militia's while constantly calling them 'Iranian Proxies', the US can goad Iraqi's into attacking and then turn around and say it was Iran.  

But instead all we get is a tweet about a 'sneak attack' from Iran that serves the purpose of priming the public for the latest coming conflict in the Endless Wars that no one seems to understand anymore.

Take care.

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