The Weiner Laptop and FBI Cover Up

Anthony Weiner is a former NY congressman and husband to Clinton Campaign vice chair Huma Mahmood Abedin.  He was sentenced to 21 months in prison in 2017 for 'sexting' an underage girl. He served 15 months of his sentience before being released to a halfway house in Febuary of 2019.

The real interesting part of this story is that an FBI agent named John Robertson found Clinton emails on Anthony Weiner's laptop.  This has spawned many theories as to what was on the laptop.

Weiner and the infamous laptop are back in the news with a new book titled 'October Surprise: How the FBI Tried to Save Itself and Crashed an Election.'

In the book Roberts talks of what sounds like a cover up, coming directly from the then FBI director James Corney.

According to The Political Insider:

“He had told his bosses about the Clinton emails weeks ago,” the book contends. “Nothing had happened.”
“Or rather, the only thing that had happened was his boss had instructed Robertson to erase his computer work station.”

An except from the book read:

'The crickets I was hearing was really making me uncomfortable because something was going to come down,” Robertson reportedly later told Justice Department investigators. “Why isn’t anybody here? Like, if I’m the supervisor of any [counterintelligence] squad … and I hear about this, I’m getting on with headquarters and saying, 'Hey, some agent working child porn here may have [Hillary Clinton] emails. Get your ass on the phone, call [the case agent], and get a copy of that drive,’ because that’s how it should be. And that nobody reached out to me within, like, that night, I still to this day don’t understand what the hell went wrong.”

The except goes on to say:

“I have very deep misgivings about the institutional response of the FBI to the congressional investigation into the Hillary Clinton email matter. … Put simply: I don’t believe the handling of the material I have by the FBI is ethically or morally right. But my lawyer’s advice — that I simply put my SSA on notice should cover me — is that I have completed CYA [Cover Your Ass], and I have done so,” Robertson wrote. “Further, I was told by [Kramer] that should I ‘whistleblow,’ I will be prosecuted."

Where is this laptop now?  Because that is key to settling this whole Clinton Email debacle once and for all. At best it will provide proof that Clinton and Comey lied under oath to congress about withholding emails.

As the The Political Insider notes:

One agent admitted there were “ten times” as many emails as Comey admitted to publicly.

At worst, it will prove that some of the more wilder theories out there can possibly have some truth to them. Considering we are talking about a laptop belonging to a convicted sex criminal who targets children, anything is possible.

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